My high school class is very active on FB and now people who actively disliked me back then (to be polite/simple about it) want to be FB friends. Hurts my head.

An electrician is here putting in some smart switches and the cable modem is on the same circuit as the lights 😡

What an awesome celebration with LFC Portland today when we scored the winning goal in the 96th minute!!! If you want to be a part of that greatness join us!

What email clients do you all use? I’ve been happily using Google Inbox for personal accounts but it is EOL in a few months. I use Gmail app for work, would prefer to keep them separate. Need iOS and macOS apps or web UI. On Inbox I love the Trips feature, which Gmail doesn’t have anyway.

Waiting for my work computer to upgrade to Mojave. I HATE WAITING! Don’t you hate waiting too?

Is it Thanksgiving yet? Some of my neighbors had it last week since they turned on the Xmas lights already!

Can I subscribe to a site from here?

Don’t see them a lot but the Saints look like the only team with a shot at beating the Rams in the playoffs.

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Holy shit - voting is free, you guys! You'd have to be a fool not to get in on this deal!

Tired: Chevy Nova, Mitsubishi Pajero
Wired: Coca-Cola’s campaign in New Zealand:

TISM - Death Death Death (Amway Amway Amway)

@ozjimbob I actually posted to billsaysthis,com for the first time in years the other day 😱

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