[ of the month] Tomorrow is just as good a day to start your journey to a new you as January 1st was. buff.ly/2Wd6ez2 by James Clear [blog post]

RT @TylerHuckabee: Men are really filling their diapers over a tv commercial that tells them they don't measure up and need to be better, which is what probably 80% of every tv commercial you've ever seen is telling women.

then again, as a friend just pointed out: To everyone freaking out that Trump is going to talk about the wall all 7 minutes of his "speech" tonight, don't be so negative. He may just be resigning.

“If you’ve got a goal for 2019... and you’re finding it hard to get started...”
- twitter:@JamesVore, a.k.a. son[0], a.k.a. dad.new();

I’m looking for pop-up fact checking.
I’ll be disappointed, I know.
But not really, as I don’t plan on watching.

Here's the thing. If Santa knows when kids are naughty or nice then he knew Rudolph was being bullied

"no reindeer games for you unless you're of some use to us, bulb beak freak!"

geezers gonna geese, curmudgeons gonna curmudge

49 minutes in line, 12 min for poll workers to validate my name/address, 2 min to vote. All because "there are problems with the power" so only half the voting machines were working and none of the workers had internet connection.
Worth doing anyway

I'd resisted the larger phone for a while, but these old eyes are needing the bigger screen (though so far I still can avoid increasing all the font sizes).

upgraded from iPhone 6S to 8Plus the other day. It, plus a case, feels like I'm carrying a brick (size, not weight).

just now: "Alexa, play music by @PaulMcCartney."

Echo plays "With or Without You" by @U2


I should just go be a carpenter, I used up all my computer skills years ago.

wondering who actually /reads/ all this email that's sent out.

select-all, delete

back to work after a long long weekend of car travel.

stevenjvMy two favorite people
(No offense to my sons or daughters-in-law intended)

I often recommend books, but have never said this before: Get this book NOW - reserve it at your library, buy it at a local bookseller, or use the link below - then read it this weekend. How to Stop Time by @matthaig1 is excellent and you need to read it. buff.ly/2Oemj6p

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