just now: "Alexa, play music by @PaulMcCartney."

Echo plays "With or Without You" by @U2


I should just go be a carpenter, I used up all my computer skills years ago.

wondering who actually /reads/ all this email that's sent out.

select-all, delete

back to work after a long long weekend of car travel.

stevenjvMy two favorite people
(No offense to my sons or daughters-in-law intended)

I often recommend books, but have never said this before: Get this book NOW - reserve it at your library, buy it at a local bookseller, or use the link below - then read it this weekend. How to Stop Time by @matthaig1 is excellent and you need to read it. buff.ly/2Oemj6p

Saturday's diy renovation work: replaced 13 light switches & outlets (one of which was glued in, rather than using proper screws!), a couple a/c vents, hung a new kitchen light, re-installed window blinds, ironed and re-hung curtains, cleaned & put a new rug in the powder room. Just another exhausting day for us.

And on Sunday we rested.

Put it on your calendar and don’t freak out - Sept 20 Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System
FEMA.gov buff.ly/2x9DPPh

really, Google News - how many people want to know that it's over 300 degrees* here in Atlanta?
(* Kelvin)

some of last night's work:
Floor. Previous water damage.
Made hole in floor.
Cut wood.
Installed wood.
Now no longer a hole in floor.
Two of these done, finished a little after midnight.

Oh, the fun to be had when contractors leave their tools overnight.

don't tell the electricians union about the first two.

moved a set of light switches last week
moved a junction box for a ceiling light this past weekend.
removed some wallpaper last night
added some primer today
with all the contractors in my house, I like to feel like I'm doing something myself.

a little light learning for Friday afternoon: Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offense by Troy Hunt

after this morning's workout with cinder blocks I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to type.

Is our nostalgia real or simply implanted memories for nefarious purposes?


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