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I love watching kitties wash their face. I find it relaxing and beautiful in a way.

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It has been zero days since I've talked about how much I love the iPad mini 6.

It just needs Face ID, some UI polish for the unique size, and larger storage options to be perfect.

#iPad #iPadmini

Sunday NFL Countdown has Oz the Mentalist on this morning and it’s the best segment I’ve ever seen on the show.

He freaked out everyone. 🤣

Seeing folks on Twitter post photos of their awesome new Apple Watch Ultra has given me extreme FOMO.

I wonder if they’ll hold up as well as my First Gen Apple Watch? It’s been worn just about every day since I got it.

It’s been a really great watch.

Robert De Niro was 51 when he made Heat. 😳

It’s official, I’m old.

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I love when Flynn does this. He’s watching TV.

I’m toying with the idea of making a Mac and iOS blog editor. 😂

I should just work on Stream. 👍🏼

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Note to pretty-much everyone. If you have an iPhone 13 you really don't need to upgrade to an iPhone 14. You're welcome.

Whoa! On September 10 I had six downloads of Stream. Cool.

If you’d like to help Rob get a new iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra you can always go to Settings > Tip Jar in Stream and select Enormous Tip multiple times a day. 🤣

Yeah, no, don’t do that.

Keep using Stream and enjoy it, but do tell your friends about it. 🧡

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So it seems my tummy issues were not related to the deviled egg potato salad. Kim didn’t have any but she woke up sick yesterday. I’m feeling much better. I had half a plain bagel this morning and so far my tummy is happy. 😄

I haven’t had anything to eat is over 24-hours, my gut is definitely empty at this point. I want to eat something, but I’m afraid to. 😂

Don’t eat week old deviled egg potato salad. 🤢🤮

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