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The Dell XPS Developer Edition looks really tempting. Small, light, 16GB memory, i7 processor, available with Linux preloaded, and over 20% cheaper than a comparable MacBook Pro.

Is there a way to hook another language into the Mac Script Editor so folks would have a nice, OS provided, way to use said language? I’m still on about using BASIC for scripting. I still believe it to be best suited for app level scripting.

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"What far-right terror has in common with ISIS"

Everything? EVERYTHING?

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I’ve become a little obsessed with F1 racing. Especially engines and their makers. I wonder why Haas Racing isn’t working with Chevrolet on an F1 engine? They’re using Ferrari in 2019.

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Is this it -- Did someone actually stumble upon Curmudgeon Cafe Headquarters?

Microsoft’s VBA was/is the perfect application level scripting and automation tool. There is nothing equivalent on the Mac or iOS. If you have Excel or Word on the Mac go check it out. It’s too bad Apple hasn’t provided anything this useful or powerful on the Mac.

The person that created peanut butter filled pretzels is a genius. Also, I don’t like you because I can’t stop eating them.

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Still pining for a good, native Mastodon client for macOS... Something like Toot! or Mast on macOS would be lovely.

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btw, if you've got a Netflix sub be sure to check out Umbrella Academy.

I had plans to make a blogging editor after my RSS reader but I’ve dropped that idea for something else. Now, I need to finish the RSS reader. 😀

I need to spend more time here and less on Twitter. All I have over there is news about the idiot in charge of the US.

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This society learns us the fact that failing is *bad* and a shame.
Let me tell you: it is *not*.

Be proud of failing.
You tried something, and even if you did not succeed at your task, you learned something: this way does not work, for this reason.

That's like… The 101 of learning.

Making people ashamed of failing is a really fucked up thing to do.

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To be clear. I work with extremely talented, young, folks who do amazing work. I love my team. I think being the old guy hurts me a bit. My ideas are old fashioned to them, I think? That may not be true. Maybe I’m just a shitty developer? 🤔

Note to self. Stop trying to sell folks of your idea for making code easier to build. 😂 I think I must have horrible ideas, I’ll just use them in my personal projects.

Who want’s to pay me to take a year off? (No, I don’t hate my job or anything like that. I just want to work on my personal project. 😗)

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