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geezers gonna geese, curmudgeons gonna curmudge

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I released Unread and Feed Hawk updates to support the 2018 iPad Pro.

The Unread update required some design tweaks. The traditional layout would have put the title label right under the home indicator, and the iPhone X layout would have looked silly on such a wide device. I’m really happy with the device-specific layout changes.

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Holy shit - voting is free, you guys! You'd have to be a fool not to get in on this deal!

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🎉🐘 Occasional reminder that I have a collection of #Mastodon links with guides, tips, tools, and other stuff. 🙌🏻🚀

There are getting started guides, tools for finding friends from other services, and all sorts of nerdery.

If you know of links that would fit well here, please let me know! I’d love to make this as useful as possible.

#ProTip: click the tag icon at the top to filter the list.

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Mastodon is so amazing. To think all of Twitter could just be a node in this network is kind of mind blowing. 🤯

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Rumors of a possible new iPad mini 5 at Apple's event next week make me happy. It's a great little device and I hope it doesn't disappear.

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Time to buy that super lotto ticket! Man, when that’s your plan for success, you’re screwed.

I wonder how far along I could get with a year off? 🤔

Would anyone like to give me a big bag of money so I can take a year off and work on my own project? No? I didn’t think so. 😀

One nice thing about a pure Objective-C based app is zero changes to go from Xcode 9.x to Xcode 10.

Feeling down again. I want so badly to work on my own product, full time, but I can't pull it off.

Guess it’s a great thing we’re getting Web Assembly so we can use better languages.

Apple added special instructions to deal with JavaScript’s stupidity. Why, why do people continue to use this abomination of a language?

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This is pretty crazy and shows how serious Microsoft is about Linux (on the server) now. I still remember Steve Ballmer’s “open source is a cancer” line.

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I left birdsite a year ago because it's moderation is terrible and drives away queer folk, women, people of color, etc. I honestly have no clue if the fediverse is better or if those problems here are just less talked-about.

Can someone recommend a queer-friendly instance led by women of color?

The Man in the High Castle season three is out. Time for some serious binging.

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