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I love watching kitties wash their face. I find it relaxing and beautiful in a way.

I wish a movie studio was brave enough to stream a blockbuster movie.

Wow, my first iOS App was available in the App Store 11 years ago today.

Happy birthday RxCalc. 🎂

I’m genuinely surprised Trump hasn’t contracted COVID-19.

I wonder how many tests he’s had? Is that documented anywhere?

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Dub-Dub 2020 day one shirt. Yes, it’s from The Iconfactory!

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Hey everyone! I've recently lost my job and fallen on some relatively tough times and in need of some cash, so I'm considering selling my Mastodon client 'Mast' (

If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know!

For awareness, this is a universal iOS and macOS client for the Mastodon social network, has great reviews on the App Store, and a proven track record.

It’s crazy what you can get in a workstation replacement. I wish Apple could do something like this. Especially for the price. Just wild. This is a Serval WS from System76.

If I buy another Windows box it’ll be from them.

I just saw my first firefly since we’ve moved east. I’m unbelievably excited about it. These were not a thing in California.

There is some wonder left in the world.

Almost finished building our fire pit. Time for a beer.

Nothing but the best $5 headphones for Mr. Fahrni.

Yes, I’d own AirPods if they didn’t cost a bazillion dollars and only last for two years. 😀

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I shouldn’t take time off. I think too much, question what I’m doing, and where we are going.

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