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I love watching kitties wash their face. I find it relaxing and beautiful in a way.

I haven’t had a Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA in years. Absolutely delicious.

I’ve been listening to the Panic Podcast. It’s really good.

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I am really terrible at using the butterfly keyboard and touchbar. I’m working from home today and I keep making typing mistakes and brushing the touchbar. Ugh.

The benefit of being home alone is Tool cranked to 11 on the home system.

Dear Hackintosh builders. Anyone have experience building on with a Xeon E5645? I have the processor, just need everything else. 😀

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Championship game picks:

Chiefs over Titans
Packers over 49’ers

I love to see a Titans vs. Packers Super Bowl. 🏈

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I used this as a bookmark. Found it while sorting through books to give away.

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I love buying used embedded devices and opening them up. There's something special about giving new life to what would otherwise be trash.

I’ve been a freelancer a couple different times in my life. One time successful, one time failure.

I work for a great company, in fact the last two have been great, but I long for more.

I want to build a product. I fear I’ll never get there.

Can some brave soul start a new instance named or or some bacefook based domain? Thank you.

Strange thought. WordPress should buy Blogger and move the backend to be WordPress based, like it’s doing for Tumblr, but keep the UI super simple. Basically keep the Blogger UI.

I’ve been using an iPhone XR at work for testing and I really like it. Makes me want to upgrade to it from my 7.

Today’s picks:
Chiefs over Texans
Seahawks over Packers

I’ve been reading through the VVVVVV source code and I notice some tiny contributions I could make. Not that they’re necessary changes mind. It’s fun spelunking through C++ code. Hats off for making it easy to read and understand. Bravo, sir!

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I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

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