Before sending in our two iPhone 5c’s, two iPhone 4’s, and an iPhone 5s for recycling has anyone turned one into a streaming device running a different OS? I’d like to make on read from a big drive and stream a movie to my TV. Dumb idea? Recommend a good home streaming solution.

My wife has been finding buried treasures lately. This the tombstone given to the Visio 1.0 team. In fact this was the entirety of the company. Back then the company was called Shapeware.

There is an owl softly hooting outside our bedroom window. It’s nice.

“The white evangelical movement has been rebranded as a personality cult, trying to follow one person who is about as far away from Jesus and his teachings as you can get. It is a jump, not just to a personality cult, but to the exact opposite of everything Christianity at its best ever stands for.”

I’ve come to the conclusion my dear wife needs a new iPhone more that I do. My seven is still a wonderful device. It can easily go another year.

I wish more folks would spend time on Mastodon.

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Leaked photo of NASA taking the sun down for maintenance

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Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

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Notifications for third-party apps
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I need to investigate why Stream is taking so long to update feeds. I suspect I have one hanging on a network request and I’m using a serial operation queue so it takes forever. Not sure, just a guess for now.

A 128 GB iPhone 11 is in my future but what color? 🤔 Black or purple? I'm really digging the new colors.

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Also, the iPhone XR is still an absolutely wonderful device and is a great option for me. I do, however, LOVE having a phone with an aluminium body. The iPhone 11 colors are also very appealing. That purple is actually tempting. I still wish they had orange as an option. 🙂

I’d reckon 99.9% of people need nothing more than the iPhone 11. How many normal people need pro level photography? The punditry will get the high end models and never really use the high end features. As for me, I’m definitely looking at the iPhone 11.

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Obsessed with Post Malone's new album "Hollywood's Bleeding." I wasn't expecting to hear Ozzy Osbourne on one of the tracks.

Try brushing your teeth while listening to 7empest from Tool’s Fear Inoculum. You’ll do it really fast.

Yes, I’m still on about Fear Inoculum. Another track that’s reached into my soul is Pnuema.

I wonder if there are folks publishing RSS only as their weblog presence? That’s right, I mean zero HTML.

I’m not sure if folks have talked about this or not but I’d love to see Apple go back to an aluminum case for the iPhone. I love the way it wears.

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