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I love watching kitties wash their face. I find it relaxing and beautiful in a way.

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Hey, remember when Zoom abused app permissions to install an always-on background web server on your computer for no good reason? And now it’s sending all your data to Facebook even if you don’t have an account.

Maybe we need an alternative vid conferencing app.

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I’m lucky that I own my own company and that I’m ready to work from home with only the finest hardware

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Not gonna lie. That KFC donut and chicken thing looks delicious. 😁

I wonder how many summer blockbuster movies will be released straight to streaming services?

I’m not going back to the office until corona virus cools off for a while.

I’m grateful I work for a company that’s allowing employees to work from home when they feel the need to.

I felt that need today.

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When I see companies raise their monster Series A round all I can think is “If they’d give me $500,000.00 I could make a seriously cool product as an indie.” Maybe Bloomberg could part with some cheddar? 🤔

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I’ve been thinking about shaving my goatee off. It would be the first time in over 25 years without facial hair.

It’s official. I’m old. I am not a fan of open workspaces. They’re too distracting. I like an office, with a door I can close. Maybe I spent too much time working from home over the years? Maybe I’m just old.

I expect WWDC will be canceled this year over Coronavirus fears.

I’m just a weird dude. I now want a 2013 Mac Pro, because reasons.

“I also don’t care where the candidates’ money comes from. In fact, I want it to come from everywhere and I want to see enormous fucking rivers of it — because we’re going to need it to beat that corrupt asshole, our current president“

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