Nuking my LinkedIn account. I don’t see any value in it.

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I can’t believe folks doubt the New England Patriots can win another Super Bowl. Come on! As much as I dislike the team Belichick and Brady are one of the best tandems the game has ever seen. Don’t count them out.

I love all this rain. There was snow in the forecast. I was kind of looking forward to it but it wasn’t meant to be. 😀

Yikes! Looks like is having an outage. Here’s hoping it’s very temporary.

When you need to do stuff but don’t want to. Yeah, that.

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Pushed out the final beta update for Mast before it goes on the App Store for its big 2.0 launch. Let me know whether there are any pressing concerns in there, or whether you enjoy using the app and would like it included as a testimonial.

I haven’t written anything on my weblog in a very long time. I have stuff I’d like to write about but I’m just not feeling it.

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Darn! I’m not indie because I’m not doing the right thing with my personal brand! 🤣

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I really like living in a rural area (but only 10-20 minutes from the city)

I’m coming to the realization I’m not meant to move away from WordPress. Tried switching to and it failed. Tried moving to and it failed. So, back to trying a Hugo install.

It’s in the high 30’s and raining today. I really love it.

If you’re looking for a new development gig take a look at WillowTree. We’re always hiring.

My replacement keyboard and mouse (top of picture) came in. Now to visit dongle town so I can plug it in. 😀

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