@JPEG I just picked up Mast in hopes it will encourage you through this rough patch. I’ll make sure to leave you a glowing review. Thank you for the wonderful piece of software. I can see you put your heart and soul into it. Well done.

Ugh. I’m thinking about how much I want to quit my job. Not because I hate it, I don’t. I like the company I work for and the people I work with. I just really want to do my own thing. Too bad I need the job. 😔

“The kidney’s reciprocity of the hearts love for it is tremendous. Before I mentioned it yesterday nobody understood their love for each other, not even doctors. I’m the smartest man on the planet, high IQ. It’s jenetics. I have the best jeans.” - could be a Donald Trump tweet.

Our Slack channel for the mobile team at Agrian is mainly about cats.

I guess Twitter is experiencing a major outage right now. If it were an instance of Mastodon it wouldn't be an issue, we'd all just truck along without it. They should move toward that goal. Just make it based on Mastodon and contribute back to it in an open way.

I no longer understand Microsoft’s story for C++ desktop developers. Use WinRT, don’t use WinRT, use Win32 and mix in UWP UI elements. What a mess. It’s no wonder Windows 10 feels crusty in some places and new in others. Feels like they’ve given up.

Does anyone build a high quality sneaker that poor to middle class people can buy? I'm serious. It seems like sneakers are way too expensive.

Do a "bundle update [bundle name]" and watch in amazement as five million things update. 😐

Been testing the new Search for Feeds functionality. It’s getting there. Not prime time ready, yet, but getting there. I’m still not happy with the look of the feed, gotta work on that too, and the article view is a mess. So much to do.

Why do people still fly the Confederate flag? Heritage they say. What heritage? The heritage of slavery or of losing? Take the damn thing down. If you don’t it probably indicates you’re a racist pig.

I think I may let the domain for my URL shortener expire. One less thing to worry about.

Something I've wanted to do for a very long time is create a BASIC compiler based on Microsoft's Professional Basic. I really loved that version of the language. winworldpc.com/product/microso

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‪I could write pages on what’s wrong here, but three special highlights:‬

‪1) “Wall of grey” in Edge, not very inviting‬
2) My settings for Edge always hide that pestilential News Feed, setting not synced / ignored
3) This is your opportunity to welcome the user, why would you let clickbaity articles intrude into that?

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I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on a PC (grub dual-boot snafu). This is what a fresh Windows 10 install looks like (although the wallpaper is from my synced online Windows profile). Candy Crush, really? If they want to compete with macOS they have to do much, much better.

I love the scammy ads most news outlets run on their sites. They say stuff like “This person is 90 and they look different than they did at 20.” You don’t say? 😳

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GPL is a hostage negotiation, or at best barter. I'll give you my code if you give me yours. There is nothing "free" about it in my mind.

MIT/BSD/Apache is true freedom "You can have my code, no strings attached, do what you want with it, just promise you will tell people it is open-source and who wrote it!"

#GPL #OSS #OpenSource #FOSS #Software

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