I have so many questions about the new Microsoft Edge browser being built on Chromium. Are they going to build the new app in C++ using Win32 directly? Are they going to do a C# app? Are they going to write it all in TypeScript? Will it be the IE shell with a new Engine? Edge, as far as I'm aware, is a UWP app. I wonder if we'll ever get to hear any technical details on how they're going about it?

@fahrni UWP doesn't mean they can't back it with Chromium. Or does it?

@tewha They absolutely can but one of their stated goals was to run on Windows 7, which can't run UWP apps as I understand it.

@fahrni Really? Windows 7 is less than a year from support being dropped.

Maybe they'll deploy it two different ways.

Now I have questions, too. :)

@tewha I just reread this article. - It seems EdgeHTML was written to run on UWP only? That's the issue, if true. It would take so much work to back port it to run on older OSes. I might have to go take a look at Edge and EdgeHTML dependencies to better understand how it's built.

@fahrni@curmudgeon.cafeEdgeHTML is the bit that's being thrown away, right?

Windows 7 compatibility would be a really bizarre reason for Microsoft to have taken this approach.

@tewha @fahrni Windows 7 Extended Security Updates are available until Jan 2023, available to corporate desktops who’re often slowest to upgrade.

@pd @fahrni Ah, that makes sense then! If they can push a new browser out with an engine they can maintain easily they have a lot less work to do.

(If there are any typos in here it's because the cat walked on my keyboard mid-message, but I don't see them.)

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