I think I'm going to have to start keeping a dream diary. Last night I was back in Seattle. My dreams often end up there. Our brains are interesting things, aren't they?

@fahrni Seattle is a nice city, I sometimes end up there too, when dreaming. Maybe we’ll meet each other there some day (night) 😜

@whakkee That would be awesome! Looking forward to it. 🤣

@whakkee It would be nice to meet you someday. Having a digital friend is nice, but it's also nice to meet folks face to face. I'm probably a bit more extroverted than most of our fellow nerds, so there's that. I have a lot of online friends I'd love to meet. I have met a few face to face and it's been a lot of fun.

@fahrni fingers crossed I get to go to wwdc :) (although I do have mixed feelings about traveling to the US, with all that security circus nowadays)

@whakkee The hatred and outright racism by our current administration doesn't apply to you. It's horrible to say, but it's also true. The whole mess really pisses me off.

@fahrni that it doesn’t apply to me, doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me... I can’t look away, it’s not in my nature. If someone before me in line is treated unfairly, I can’t keep quiet and I may get myself in trouble that way

@whakkee I totally understand. I'd do the same darned thing. 👍

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