Been testing the new Search for Feeds functionality. It’s getting there. Not prime time ready, yet, but getting there. I’m still not happy with the look of the feed, gotta work on that too, and the article view is a mess. So much to do.

Lesson here... don’t listen to what other think you’re capable of.

The more I do on Stream the more I have to do. I’ve been focusing on feed management lately with a bit of attention paid to syncing. I have so many little polishing tasks; error handling, duplicate detection, the article view is very basic. I really want to ship this thing.

Made these to hand out at WWDC this year then didn’t attend. Time to break the seal on em.

Stumbled upon this app I did back in 2014. Looks like the server has been shut down. Images no longer load and my local cache must be empty.

I’m really happy with how this Series 1 has stood the test of time.

There we go. First 100 degree day of 2019. Not looking forward to more.

My what a difference a week makes. Just over a week ago it was 55 degrees and raining. Today 99. Its days like these I can’t wait to get home and take off the work uniform for a nice pair of shorts.

So, uh, my wife says this picture of me from 20 years ago makes me look like a serial killer. 😳

This is also poor form. Apple is using short battery life as a reason to upgrade. How many people will fall for this? It’s $69 to replace my iPhone 7 battery.

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