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@bigzaphod My one year old granddaughter loves it when we sing that to her. 🦈

Time to buy that super lotto ticket! Man, when that’s your plan for success, you’re screwed.

I wonder how far along I could get with a year off? 🤔

Would anyone like to give me a big bag of money so I can take a year off and work on my own project? No? I didn’t think so. 😀

@bigzaphod Lots and lots of banging your head against the wall until it works. Then you have no idea which of the 20-steps you just did made it work.

@BillSaysThis Yes. I'm definitely aware of that history, which is totally amazing to me. Quite a technical accomplishment.

One nice thing about a pure Objective-C based app is zero changes to go from Xcode 9.x to Xcode 10.

@bigzaphod I love the folks I work with. They’re all fantastic, but there’s something missing. That sense of ownership isn’t there for me. It could be, I suppose, but it’s not the same as your own thing. It’s just me and my goofy brain.

Feeling down again. I want so badly to work on my own product, full time, but I can't pull it off.

@StevenJV I'm with you brother. Let's go build a house, out in the middle of nowhere, and be curmudgeons together.

@chartier I haven't been in Dublin since the early 90's. Love that city and her people.

@BillSaysThis It's would've been better if they didn't have to put special instructions in the silicon to deal with it, that's all. Bad design decision in the early JavaScript days and now folks are doing workarounds at the chip level.

Guess it’s a great thing we’re getting Web Assembly so we can use better languages.

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