It kind of blows my mind when I see kids running around with iPhone X’s. I think I need to get their parents to adopt me! 😃

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The lighting in the new Frozen 2 trailer looks great. And check out the fur on the reindeer Kristoff is riding.

Type in my password this morning to log into my MacBook. It doesn’t work. Huh? Type it in again. Nope. Type it from the MacBook’s keyboard. I’m in. My trusty Apple 101-Extended keyboard wasn’t working properly. Double up letters. Luckily compressed air did the trick. Whew.

@bhansmeyer The year is 2050. After the fall of Apple in 2025 Google and Amazon were left unchecked to battle it out for tech supremacy and our attention. Bots do everything now. Privacy no longer exists. They know everything about us. We no longer live life, we merely exist.

@johnbrayton Do you grab the favicon for blogs in Unread or is that something supplied server side? My first cut for my reader doesn’t use any services, local only, so I’m fetching them myself. Just curious to know if you grab the apple “touch” versions or just go after the good old fashioned favicon in the domain root?

@johnbrayton It’s good to be in charge of your own nightmare. 👍🏼

More RSS Readers should display posts without a title like this.

@bobtiki I wouldn’t let lack of clothes keep me from a good ale. Call a service ASAP! 😀

“Things are generally worse than they appear, so if you're looking for cheery news you may be disappointed.” - - Always a great read.

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I’ve moved to @whakkee - follow me there if you like! ☀️🏡

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IndieWebCamp Austin is in 2 weeks! Whether you’re a blogger, developer, designer, or just want to learn more about the independent web, hope you can join us. Registration is just $5 or free if you blog your RSVP to the event.

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