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@fahrni i guess it's just me inferring the unspoken second half of their comment.

I really love the film The Ice Harvest. It’s $4.99 to own on iTunes. Purchased. The Ice Harvest by Harold Ramis

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With progressive web apps being all the rage, it’s sort of hilarious that Windows has supported HTML apps since, oh, Win98 as Hypertext Applications (.hta). Here’s a tiny hta that’ll work even on Windows 10:

Woke up tired. I need all the coffee this morning.

I want to learn HTML and CSS from a raw perspective. E.G. What’s a div and why would I use one? I want to understand semantic markup so I can make “boring” web pages. No JavaScript, just HTML and CSS. Anyone have a good tutorial?

Wow, Disney+ is going to be $6.99 a month. That’s wild. I’m guessing that means Apple TV+ will be at least $29.99 a month. 😘

@StevenJV I don't feel worthless because of them. It was a different time.

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It’s positively unfair that so many people are younger, smarter, prettier and (of course) more successful than I. And it’s a problem that gets worse every year.

Screw you all! Yes, you too! :)

@ezfe @tewha We have a plan to lessen the amount of data they download even more because of this rejection. We have some assets that don't change often. We'll seed the app with all of that data then ask our services for differences in the background after startup. It's a work in progress! 😃

@ezfe @tewha We introduced the concept of favorites into the product to lessen the amount of data needed by a farmer. They can select the fields they'll be working in and we only download that data.

@ezfe @tewha The application has a requirement to work offline. It's used by farmers out in their fields and must work without a connection, so everything needed for a field, or planing on that field, has to be available on device. Otherwise we could pull it in on demand. Our syncing is quite good when a connection is available.

It's criminal when a website is using GB's of memory. In fact it's using more memory, at the moment, than Xcode. 😟

@tewha It's set in the early mid-80's, 1983-84. Maybe I was privileged? I raced BMX in the late 70's early 80's and I didn't know anyone with a banana seat at that time. My very first bike had a banana seat, I was four.

The banana seats on the bikes in Stranger Things are off. About 10 years too late.

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