We interrupt your social media consumption for this broadcast from Downing Street: youtu.be/Tjp5OmoDYQM

Stardust (2007) is an excellent family holiday movie. 🎥

Ok, who wants to start a Windows based browser project that uses WebKit? Anyone?

Trevor Noah’s standup special “Son Of Patricia” on Netflix is 💯.

Not really happy with the “Microsoft building a Chromium-powered browser” news. It makes sense for the new open-source Microsoft but, on the other hand, an engine monoculture isn’t good for the industry, we learnt that the hard way with IE6. (At lease Chromium is open source.)

Spoiler: in this episode the documentary crew break the Prime Directive. As someone with a troubled relationship with the Prime Directive, this makes me incredibly happy.

BBC Ep 2. Emperor Penguins. The documentary crew wave goodbye to their airplane from their Antarctic research station. It won’t return for 8 months. “It’s just us now”, they say, as they entertain themselves by watching *The Thing* on DVD.

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The team followed the chimps studied by @jillpruetz@twitter.com for over two years, walking thousands of miles with heavy loads. What a wildlife documentary.

The BBC’s Dynasties is promising to be excellent. In Episode 1, they manage to deliver an extraordinary Revenant-like story — with chimps. Definitely one to watch. bbcearth.com/dynasties/

“Some think of Halloween as a fad imported from America, but in Cornwall and the other Celtic lands October 31 has ancient customs linked to it.” bit.ly/2Ju8R9w

This toot brought to you by the Dutta Residence and Candy Distribution Centre. 4 tubs so far and it’s not even 8pm. curmudgeon.cafe/media/kgHKF56B curmudgeon.cafe/media/C_yxwy-j

Twitter says they will remove the Like button to improve the quality of debate on its platform.

It will be replaced by a “Boo! Hiss!” button.

Trying to reach a human at is 😡 as a friend is finding out while trying to get access to a newly purchased business’s Facebook page. The lengths Facebook go to to avoid talking to even business users is hilarious, especially for a “social” media company.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my favourite comic characters. Haven’t watched the Netflix version yet but cautiously happy at the positive reviews it’s getting.

Visual Studio Code is surprisingly good. I’ve used it for Python, JavaScript and even a little bit of Java so far, hasn’t disappointed. Also snappier than Atom.

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