Such a good documentary series: Light and Magic, on Disney+, about the evolution of ILM.

Top Gun Maverick might just be the movie of the year for me. A sequel that delivers as much as it does after 30+ years, insane.

Apple Maps got better before Siri did. I didn’t expect that.

Very 21st century thing: delivery robots offering to “sing” Sweet Caroline or God Save the Queen (to celebrate the Jubilee) to you as you take your order from them. That sentence would have got odd looks back in 1952.

Gmail’s predictive text doesn’t deal with typos well. This while trying to type “with kind regards” 😏 React, Angular and so on have gotten a bit of bashing recently. So I wrote an article defending these technologies. Enjoy.

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

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Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

A two after a long time today:

Wordle 314 2/6


Money in pre-Revolution American Colonies was a fascinating mess. New York money. Pennsylvania money. Massachusetts money!

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