Danny Boyle’s “Yesterday” is such a wonderful date movie.

@fahrni she uses Office 365 for Education at work so was a natural fit for her.

@fahrni My wife had Dropbox for a while. She recently got Office 365 Home at a 30% discount - a 1TB OneDrive account and Office apps on all platforms for up to 6 family members *each*.

Managed to set up a Hugo based static blog after a *long* time: pdutta.net/blog/posts/https-ng The theme still needs a bit of work on the iPad.

‪I could write pages on what’s wrong here, but three special highlights:‬

‪1) “Wall of grey” in Edge, not very inviting‬
2) My settings for Edge always hide that pestilential News Feed, setting not synced / ignored
3) This is your opportunity to welcome the user, why would you let clickbaity articles intrude into that?

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on a PC (grub dual-boot snafu). This is what a fresh Windows 10 install looks like (although the wallpaper is from my synced online Windows profile). Candy Crush, really? If they want to compete with macOS they have to do much, much better.


Wow, unless I’m missing something, news.microsoft.com, devblogs.microsoft.com & several others now run on - WPEngine. Truly a cultural shift. (Update: Googling reveals they did this a few years ago)

Someone on the OneDrive team clearly had a lot of fun writing these release notes. Not even mad — as iOS release notes go it’s not bad at all.

Getting Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms. With Book 6 unlikely anytime soon, maybe I should start reading Wheel of Time.

Wrote some C# code after a long, long time at work. (Usually Java, Python). Such a pleasant language. I look forward to using it more as we move closer to .NET 5.

The remaster appears to be Windows-only though, whereas the original (also on GOG/Steam) works really well on Linux.

Blood, one of the best 90s DOS first person shooters, has been given a light “remastering”: pcgamer.com/blood-fresh-supply

Finally a phone with a great camera that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Not sure how the slower processor will hold up in real use though. theverge.com/2019/5/7/18530449

Adaptec SAS controller installed: ☑️
LTO drive connected: ☑️
Tape inserted: ☑️

Time for a full backup of $home.

With progressive web apps being all the rage, it’s sort of hilarious that Windows has supported HTML apps since, oh, Win98 as Hypertext Applications (.hta). Here’s a tiny hta that’ll work even on Windows 10: nattyware.com/fontster.php

Killing Eve 2 starts on BBC America and AMC today. No date set for, um, the other BBC. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jeez, even Chinese flagship phones start at €799/999 now? Or is Huawei an outlier here?

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