The smallest Samsung (S10E) launched today is iPhone XS-sized and costs $749. Looks like everyone’s ceding the $500 flagship to Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Honor, who are presumably more willing to live with slimmer margins.

The lighting in the new Frozen 2 trailer looks great. And check out the fur on the reindeer Kristoff is riding.

This video from the BBC in 1982, trying to explain email to a lay audience, is absolutely adorable. It even features a proto-webpage (really a BBS screen)!

SMS authentication is very problematic — they’re not encrypted and increasingly criminals are taking advantage of that:

3Blue1Brown is such a lovely YouTube Channel. Wish I had this kind of quality interesting material while I still was at school. #YouTube #Math

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

Dear users, do any of you run macOS at 1.5x scaling? (For example, 1440p on a 3840x2160 monitor?) Does it look okay? Would you be able to share a screenshot? (This is to help with a monitor purchase)

Lots of European artistes in the fireworks music tonight. Sends the right message 👏 (producers confirmed it was by design)

Not an obvious choice for a holiday movie: Brooklyn (2015). Heartwarming, and Saoirse Ronan lights up every scene she’s in. (It did feel very 30s/40s for a movie set in the 1950s though)

We interrupt your social media consumption for this broadcast from Downing Street:

Stardust (2007) is an excellent family holiday movie. 🎥

Ok, who wants to start a Windows based browser project that uses WebKit? Anyone?

Trevor Noah’s standup special “Son Of Patricia” on Netflix is 💯.

Not really happy with the “Microsoft building a Chromium-powered browser” news. It makes sense for the new open-source Microsoft but, on the other hand, an engine monoculture isn’t good for the industry, we learnt that the hard way with IE6. (At lease Chromium is open source.)

Spoiler: in this episode the documentary crew break the Prime Directive. As someone with a troubled relationship with the Prime Directive, this makes me incredibly happy.

BBC Ep 2. Emperor Penguins. The documentary crew wave goodbye to their airplane from their Antarctic research station. It won’t return for 8 months. “It’s just us now”, they say, as they entertain themselves by watching *The Thing* on DVD.

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The team followed the chimps studied by for over two years, walking thousands of miles with heavy loads. What a wildlife documentary.

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