Wow, unless I’m missing something,, & several others now run on - WPEngine. Truly a cultural shift. (Update: Googling reveals they did this a few years ago)

Someone on the OneDrive team clearly had a lot of fun writing these release notes. Not even mad — as iOS release notes go it’s not bad at all.

Getting Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms. With Book 6 unlikely anytime soon, maybe I should start reading Wheel of Time.

Wrote some C# code after a long, long time at work. (Usually Java, Python). Such a pleasant language. I look forward to using it more as we move closer to .NET 5.

The remaster appears to be Windows-only though, whereas the original (also on GOG/Steam) works really well on Linux.

Blood, one of the best 90s DOS first person shooters, has been given a light “remastering”:

Finally a phone with a great camera that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Not sure how the slower processor will hold up in real use though.

Adaptec SAS controller installed: ☑️
LTO drive connected: ☑️
Tape inserted: ☑️

Time for a full backup of $home.

With progressive web apps being all the rage, it’s sort of hilarious that Windows has supported HTML apps since, oh, Win98 as Hypertext Applications (.hta). Here’s a tiny hta that’ll work even on Windows 10:

Killing Eve 2 starts on BBC America and AMC today. No date set for, um, the other BBC. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jeez, even Chinese flagship phones start at €799/999 now? Or is Huawei an outlier here?

All five seasons of Stargate Atlantis are now on Amazon Prime Video (UK) - great news for anyone looking to catch up.

The smallest Samsung (S10E) launched today is iPhone XS-sized and costs $749. Looks like everyone’s ceding the $500 flagship to Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Honor, who are presumably more willing to live with slimmer margins.

The lighting in the new Frozen 2 trailer looks great. And check out the fur on the reindeer Kristoff is riding.

This video from the BBC in 1982, trying to explain email to a lay audience, is absolutely adorable. It even features a proto-webpage (really a BBS screen)!

SMS authentication is very problematic — they’re not encrypted and increasingly criminals are taking advantage of that:

3Blue1Brown is such a lovely YouTube Channel. Wish I had this kind of quality interesting material while I still was at school. #YouTube #Math

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

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