Barack Obama’s list of favourite books of the year: I’m currently reading through The Anarchy and it’s an amazing read so far.

Watchmen on HBO is astonishingly good, as a “sequel” of sorts I expected very little from it, and it delivered in spades.

Thanks to violent video games, gangs of geese are now roaming the countryside.

Lawlessness in geese is spreading and I blame video games.

iOS 13 haptic touch menus appear to activate way too quickly for me. I’ve set Touch Duration to “Slow” in Accessibility > Touch > 3D and Haptic Touch, let’s see if that helps.

The perfect watch for Dark Mode fans. Swatch’s Sistem Dark.

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on a PC (grub dual-boot snafu). This is what a fresh Windows 10 install looks like (although the wallpaper is from my synced online Windows profile). Candy Crush, really? If they want to compete with macOS they have to do much, much better.

Someone on the OneDrive team clearly had a lot of fun writing these release notes. Not even mad — as iOS release notes go it’s not bad at all.

Jeez, even Chinese flagship phones start at €799/999 now? Or is Huawei an outlier here?

The lighting in the new Frozen 2 trailer looks great. And check out the fur on the reindeer Kristoff is riding.

UK Politics 

UK Politics 

This line (see screenshot) from David Marcus’s defence of Facebook ( re Whatsapp stuck out. Facebook is about people like Soylent Green was about people. See this tweet for more Facebook scumbaggery:

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