I had a chance to see Little Women at the cinema. Greta Gerwig follows up Lady Bird with a fantastic adaptation that, I believe, enhances the original material. Great writing and directing. And phenomenal performances from Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh.

Interestingly the theatre was about 90% women.

Studio Ghibli’s catalogue is coming to Netflix outside the US/Canada (and Japan) from February onwards. I’m really excited about this! 🎉

Dates for specific movies here: bit.ly/36blobD

Messiah on Netflix - eps 1-3 have been quite interesting so far.

My 10 most looked-forward-to for 2020:

1917 (Jan)
Parasite (Feb) ✨
No Time to Die (Apr)
Black Widow (May)
Wonder Woman 1984 (Jun)
Tenet (Jul) ✨
Top Gun: Maverick (Jul)
Eternals (Nov)
Godzilla vs Kong (Nov)
Dune (Dec) ✨

@fahrni also maybe 02/20/20 02:02:20, a palindrome? (20/02/20 02:20:02 for Brits)

Barack Obama’s list of favourite books of the year: twitter.com/barackobama/status I’m currently reading through The Anarchy and it’s an amazing read so far.

@fahrni that’s some calligraphy! Happy Christmas! 🎄

Star Wars Episode IX: Flashes Before Your Eyes

@fahrni is there any point to this beyond the symbolic one? The senate will after all likely acquit?

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"For those in the queue, the biometric authentication test is no less than clearing an exam. There is relief on their faces when they pass the test. Failure means going back to the end of the queue again."

On the devastations that Aadhaar has wrought.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/gautambhatia88/sta

@prasanna_s Corbyn is a huge gift from Labour to the Tories. Any other opposition leader would have a huge lead going into any polls against the incompetence of the current government.

Watchmen on HBO is astonishingly good, as a “sequel” of sorts I expected very little from it, and it delivered in spades.

@jackerhack Maybe someone with artistic skills could do something like this?

Thanks to violent video games, gangs of geese are now roaming the countryside.

@vincentvikram@mastodon.social @prasanna_s instead of vanishing off twitter, would posting links to your Mastodon toots help?

@tootapp @fahrni maybe sourcehut.org? Alternatively Gitlab’s free tier?

#introduction #india

I'm a lawyer. I feel most competent in constitutional law. This means I'm constantly recovering from the trauma of being alive in these times.

In my doctoral work, I'm trying to understand constitutional claims outside courts - or the gulf between the Constitution of India & the constitution of India.

I'm currently teaching the law & science module to science undergrads, developing an RPG for children to work the Constitution democratically, and writing writing writing.

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