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Seriously low supplies of tonic water (as in gin & tonic) at my local supermarket.


Why concept of "delivery slots" still active during a lockdown while everybody is at home.

Etailers, You just need good stock management and delivery date prediction based on your delivery capacities. The slot idea is a UX fail




Its already a week too late. Implementation is key &where it usually fails badly. The centre HAS to work with ALL state govts to adapt schemes according to needs, &give them allocated funds to deliver. And public audits are a MUST. #IndiaawaitsCovidaid



The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning "forty days", designating the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic.

It followed the trentino, a thirty-day isolation period.

People in Costco buying toilet paper like crazy (SE England). I think some folk have confused the Coronavirus with Cholera.

Currently watching on Amazon Prime Video: Canadian police drama “19-2”. The second season opener is riveting (but very sad).

Given the history between Bezos and Trump, Audible’s “leave the fiction to us” ad campaign is very... interesting.


EXCLUSIVE: "It was the intelligence coup of the century."

The CIA secretly owned a Swiss company that sold rigged encryption systems to other governments for half a century.

The Post obtained classified files tracing the entire operation.


I had a chance to see Little Women at the cinema. Greta Gerwig follows up Lady Bird with a fantastic adaptation that, I believe, enhances the original material. Great writing and directing. And phenomenal performances from Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh.

Interestingly the theatre was about 90% women.

Studio Ghibli’s catalogue is coming to Netflix outside the US/Canada (and Japan) from February onwards. I’m really excited about this! 🎉

Dates for specific movies here:

Messiah on Netflix - eps 1-3 have been quite interesting so far.

My 10 most looked-forward-to for 2020:

1917 (Jan)
Parasite (Feb) ✨
No Time to Die (Apr)
Black Widow (May)
Wonder Woman 1984 (Jun)
Tenet (Jul) ✨
Top Gun: Maverick (Jul)
Eternals (Nov)
Godzilla vs Kong (Nov)
Dune (Dec) ✨

Barack Obama’s list of favourite books of the year: I’m currently reading through The Anarchy and it’s an amazing read so far.

Star Wars Episode IX: Flashes Before Your Eyes


"For those in the queue, the biometric authentication test is no less than clearing an exam. There is relief on their faces when they pass the test. Failure means going back to the end of the queue again."

On the devastations that Aadhaar has wrought.


Watchmen on HBO is astonishingly good, as a “sequel” of sorts I expected very little from it, and it delivered in spades.

Thanks to violent video games, gangs of geese are now roaming the countryside.

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